Gratitude Coin


The gratitude coin is a cyptocurrency designed using the Sacred Coin Protocol, with the aim of encouraging the practice of gratefulness. 🙏

Message of gratitude stored on the blockchain by gratitude coin owners:


Numerous pieces of evidence show that being grateful can lead to long-lasting positive effects, both mentally and physically. Dr. Robert Emmons, one of the foremost experts on gratitude, together with his colleagues stated in a recent review on the psychological literature on gratitude that:

Gratitude has been shown to an increase in happiness, health, and other desirable life outcomes. Furthermore, he notes that the cultivation of gratitude...led to overall improved well-being, including fewer health complaints, and a more positive outlook toward life. In one study, participants that were asked to think about something that they're grateful for reported more exercise and appraised their life more positively.

But the benefits of gratitude have been touted way beyond the psychological literature. For example, the Dalai Lama is an ardent proponent of the action of gratitude, stating that the roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation, and that when you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others.

Life coaches also offer the practice of gratitude as a positive activity. For example, Shawn Achor and Jeff Olson recommend to write three things that you're grateful for each morning, as a way to increase happiness, and there are many more who argue for the same type of exercise.

Our hope is that, through the gratitude coin, we will spread the practice of gratitude, and the happiness that comes with it.


Coin guidelines are a concept of the Sacred Coin Protocol.

The coin guideline beneath has been retrieved directly from the coin itself. It is easily retrievable by any third-party, by interacting with the coin contract.

This guideline cannot be changed - its code is immutable, and it will forever be tied with the coin.

The guideline for the gratitude coin is simple - only one guideline was necessary, as can be seen below.



  • What blockchain does the coin run on?

    Gratitude coin was first deployed on Ethereum, and most of its coin supply (99.9%) was locked in the crowdsale contract that is available on this page. However, due to the high fees of the Ethereum network, the coin was later mapped on Polygon, and the remaining 0.1% of the coin supply (1000 coins) were transferred there, with the aim of sharing some of them and gathering feedback.

    So, if you've received a gratitude coin, then it will be one that lives on Polygon.

  • What is the coin maximum supply?

    The maximum supply of the coin is 1 million GRTFUL. The entire supply has been minted and stored in the crowdsale contract that this page interacts with (except for 1000 coins, which went to the developer for sharing with friends and family to spread gratitude locally and to get feedback. These now live on Polygon).

  • What is the price of GRTFUL?

    If you get it from this website, it is 0.01 ether per coin, while supplies last. After that, the market will decide. Hopefully, people will still get GRTFUL way into the future.

  • What do I need to do to get GRTFUL?

    Just head over to the section, and follow the instructions.

    Don't worry, the website will walk you through what you need to get the coin even if you've never used cryptocurrencies before. Simply enter the amount and press the GET GRTFUL button to start the process.

  • What will happen with any funds that are gathered from purchasing GRTFUL?

    A big chunk will go towards the development of the Sacred Coin Protocol, and of new sacred coins. The developer would love to invest more of his time in the Sacred Coin Protocol project, as he senses its promise to truly revolutionise the token space, and perhaps even finance in general. There is still much work to be done - adding new features to the Sacred Coin smart contract, auditing, developing a community to help with development, and of course, building new sacred coins while learning from the feedback of past ones. Any funds that will be gathered from the sale of gratitude coin will go towards such goals.

    So, if you buy gratitude coin, you will not only practice gratitude, but you will contribute to the development of the Sacred Coin Protocol as well. Also, make sure to subscribe to the Sacred Coin Protocol newsletter, for any future sacred coin releases. They should be interesting.

  • Is the contract that runs the gratitude coin secure?

    The short answer is yes, as safe as an experienced developer could make it. The gratitude coin contract is publicly available for view on Etherscan and Polygonscan, so that anyone can analyze it. So is the Ethereum crowdsale contract that runs the sale on this website. The contracts are not upgradeable, and this was done by design, to provide trust and prevent any future tampering.

  • Does the gratitude coin have a whitepaper?

    No, since all of the essential information is provided on this website.

    If a need for the whitepaper will be identified, it will be created at a later date.

  • Other coin technical specifications

    ● Coin Standard: ERC-20

    ● Networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon Mainnet

    Token Contract Address on Ethereum

    Crowdsale Contract Address on Ethereum

    Token Contract Address on Polygon


Whenever you buy a gratitude coin, the fact that you thought of something to be grateful for, which is the coin's main intention, will forever be stored in the blockchain, and anyone can go on a block explorer to see it.

You can get GRTFUL on two different chains:

Ethereum Mainnet

The Ethereum Mainnet contains the crowdsale contract, where 99.9 percent of the entire coin supply was initially locked. You can get GRTFUL in two different ways here:

  • Get GRTFUL with a personalized message.

    If you buy the token from this website, you can write a personalized message that will forever be stored in the blockchain as an event emitted by the gratitude coin smart contract. This event can be seen by all on any block explorer. The message will read [NAME] is grateful for [SOMETHING] (e.g. tokenosopher is grateful for bringing this project to its completion - it’s true!). You can buy some GRTFUL and include a personalized message below.

    is grateful for

  • Get GRTFUL with a generic message.

    You can also just buy the token without entering a personalized message, in which case the blockchain will record the following event: [YOUR ADDRESS] just thought of something to be grateful for.

    This generic message should also appear even when trading the coin via exchanges. You can try this below.

Polygon Mainnet

Head over to the GRTFUL on Polygon section below for details.


The tokens available on the Polygon chain are not currently for sale. So if you've received GRTFUL on the Polygon chain, congratulations! There are a couple of steps to take in order to have GRTFUL show up in your metamask wallet.

If you received them it via an email, and are unfamiliar with metamask, there are a few of steps to take in order to be able to use GRTFUL.

First, if you haven't done so already, you need to add the Polygon network to your Metamask account. You can do so by pressing the button below:

Then, head over to the section and press the button to make the token that you've received visible in your wallet.

And that's it! Head over to the of the page to share some GRTFUL with others, and record what you or they are grateful for in the process.


Once you get GRTFUL, whether on Polygon or Ethereum, make sure that you add the token to your Metamask account, so that you can see your balance. You can do so by pressing the button below:

Note: Make sure that your Metamask is on the chain where you have the tokens (Ethereum or Polygon), and that you have the right account selected before you press the button above.


Once you have gotten GRTFUL, you can use it like any other ERC-20 token on Ethereum or Polygon. You can sell it, trade it, stake it, etc. on Metamask or on any exchanges that make the token available. Just remember the coin guideline, and think of something to be grateful for when you use it.

In fact, every time you trade the coin, the blockchain will store the event that you just thought of something to be grateful for, by referencing your address as explained in the section above. In this way, not only might you increase any profit that you may make from buying or selling GRTFUL, but you would also be increasing your wellbeing, by practicing gratitude.

Additionally, you can share some of your gratitude coins from this website, and record your personalized gratitude message when doing so. In this way, you can give someone else the chance to think about something to be grateful for, to experience the benefits of gratitude, and to witness the power of sacred coins. You can do this by filling out the form below. Once you are done, the receiver then just needs to import the token settings into their account using the button.

Ethereum Mainnet:

  • Share GRTFUL with a personalized message.

    is grateful for

Polygon Mainnet:

  • Share GRTFUL with a personalized message.

    is grateful for